Maggie Watson is a licensed Professional Fiduciary in the state of California, License #823. Previously, Maggie worked as a professional organizer starting in 1985. She has organized in the Bay area, France and Mendocino County. Her clientele ranged from children to our elders. Mostly, she worked with people over 65, helping them maintain their independence in their homes. This work paved a path for the work she is doing as a fiduciary. Maggie loves the work she does and the people she serves. She will utilize the knowledge of organizing in her new profession as a fiduciary. Maggie is also active inner local community.

Maggie is the author of A Graceful Farewell: Putting Your Affairs in Order. Her intent in writing the book was to make it easier for family and friends to deal with the affairs of someone if they got sick or passed away. She will be utilizing her book while working with clients when appropriate.

As the 2nd eldest of 10 children, Maggie remembers keeping her siblings in line while growing up. They thought she was bossy and too neat. She says being part of a large family was her training ground for her organizing business. Maggie was raised on the East Coast and went to East Stroudsburg University, graduating in 1980. She was in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa from 1983-85. She now lives on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California with her husband, Bruce, son Julian, 2 cats and 15 chickens. Maggie and her husband also operate Mendocino Solar Service, a solar installation business on the Mendocino Coast.