A little about Maggie Watson

Who is Maggie Watson?

What a funny thing to ask! So here goes...  I am the 2nd oldest of 10 children and have been organizing all my life. That is what my mother said. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and then off to college. I graduated with a BA in Sociology/ Anthropology. I moved to California to work at the Hunger Project, a non-profit organization. I served 2+ years in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa doing community development and public health. After Peace Corps I moved back to California and worked in a children's camp then I moved to France to learn French. After moving to Mendocino County, I worked at Parents & Friends, a non-profit for developmentally disabled adults. I managed the kitchen where clients made baked goods for the community, worked as a skills trainer and as staff in a house for clients. 

I started organizing in 1985 and have been organizing for the last 30 years. I have organized kitchens, garages, kid’s rooms, offices and events. I have worked with people around organizing their thinking about specific projects, issues, decisions, etc. I have helped prepare for moves and empty boxes after the moves. Mostly, I have worked with elders helping them stay independent in their homes. Activities included in this service involve paying bills, opening mail, balancing bank accounts, keeping an eye on investments, calling repair persons, attending appointments with attorneys and physicians, preparing financial information for tax accountant, communicating with family members and moving a client when that was appropriate. I love being in the home with clients and doing work that helps their lives go better. 

Along the way, I worked with my husband, Bruce, in our solar business, Mendocino Solar Service. I ran the office, managed staff and did the marketing. I also published a book "A Graceful Farewell: Putting Your Affairs in Order" out of work with elders and a good friend who passed away. This book assists people in gathering all the information loved ones, trustees and executors will need. 

Now I have made a move to a new endeavor for myself – being a private fiduciary. This is the chapter in my life. I am excited about serving people in this new capacity.